Innovation is the chief driving force behind any investment made by Amava Group Capital; this is the simple yet key distinction between the Amava group of entrepreneurs and any other. Technology is the amassed result of all existing inventions and modern advancements, and in the African context, requires crucial focus.

Sector Positioning:

A fundamental aspect of innovation is the generating of new, circumstance-based knowledge platforms which will enhance the lives, careers and/or development of our people. This is where Amava focuses its Technology Investments.

Key Projects:

HR Focus Holdings (Pty) Ltd


In 2004, the decision was made to acquire HR Focus Holdings. HR Focus was the leader in providing technology services to the South African market which assisted them with their employees. Puven Ramasamy

(CEO Amava Group Capital) has always believed in the power of people within a business and felt that as other South African business owners gained this same insight, the HR Focus business would grow with it. His main motivation behind choosing HR Focus was due to it being one of the very few local businesses at the time that owned its own Intellectual Property and technology - South African based business with South African

developed and owned IP.




Onedotcom, a merger between BCS Net and DNS Telecoms (both companies acquired by Amava at an earlier stage) allowed for the substantial benefit of a combined 28 years experience in the telecoms industry. ONEdotCOM is not about telephones and the internet; it is about providing a business with the right information package, delivered in good order to the right person. In a business environment it concerns access to information that facilitates and benefits the business.



Thuthukani Investment Consortium is the BEE partner of Fujitsu Southern Africa. In 2009 Amava partnered with Thuthukani to purchase shares in Fujitsu. The transaction was unique in nature, in that Fujitsu was the first Multinational One Tier IT vendor to sell equity in its local operations to an SME empowerment group. The Thuthukani Investment Consortium set up a special purpose entity to facilitate the acquisition and, jointly with Amava, contributed unencumbered cash.